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From the Vault: CSS’ Lovefoxxx Puts on Her Face in 2011

As you might remember, we’ve been going through some video features that got shot for but never edited or aired.  *** “It’s not about being pretty!” -Lovefoxxx This week we take you back to March 2011, when CSS was on a co-headlining tour with Sleigh Bells.  Lead singer Lovefoxxx (who you might also know […]

“That’s All I Can Do:” Kathryn Calder Finds Gain in Loss

Victoria -based musician Kathryn Calder has had a rough five years. Her trio of solo albums – Are You My Mother, Bright & Vivid and Kathryn Calder – chart the process through mourning and acceptance that accompanied  year-apart deaths of both her parents. Though best known in the states for her involvement in The New […]

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On The Bus With Veruca Salt: A Two-Part Interview

Reunited indie legends Veruca Salt made a lot of fans happy with their new album Ghost Notes and accompanying summer tour. 17 years of absence between two close friends makes the heart and ears grow fonder, as the duo have come bungeeing up out of separation with an old sense of dedication and a new […]

Louise Burns, “The Stoned Wolf Rides Alone”

B.C.-born artist Louise Burns hazed out of the gates with her Polaris-long-listed 2011 debut, Mellow Gold. That album’s sad/sunny folk music evolved into the darker, Siouxsie-tinged soundscapes of 2013 followup Midnight Mass. Burns is currently working on an unnamed third album with a new producer and band. It’s premiere track, “The Stoned Wolf Rides Alone” […]

Stop Reacting, Start Creating: The TNG2 Manifesto

This article was originally published on HuffPo Gay Voices. If catching up after a sick day is merely stressful, the cleanup for a few sick years feels positively herculean. I find myself in 2015 grossly familiar with where I’ve been. So like Charlie Brown and his football, I’m putting my trust back into the internet […]

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White Gayland, Pt. 1: Envy of The Dead 7

And I too saw the skirt-shrouded skeleton that refused to leave the bathhouse, and for decades when the towel boys asked him, “Harry, what do you want” he said “I don’t want to die.” June is the loudest month, breeders blushed like red glans, fixed on mammaries and barbed wire, gawking tall boots and strained […]