From the Vault: CSS’ Lovefoxxx Puts on Her Face in 2011

As you might remember, we’ve been going through some video features that got shot for but never edited or aired. 


“It’s not about being pretty!”

This week we take you back to March 2011, when CSS was on a co-headlining tour with Sleigh Bells.  Lead singer Lovefoxxx (who you might also know from Kavinsky’s Night Call) let us film her for an hour as she went through her entire stage preparation process, from hair to makeup to clothes.

In the process she shares her stories of growing up as the local freak in smaller-town Brazil and her thoughts on performative femininity. And Tori Spelling. The before and after looks is dramatically different, but Lovefoxxx’s eloquent opinions remain constant throughout.

Stay tuned in coming weeks for other “from the vault” features, including The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and another CSS interview with the whole band.

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