A Different Dolphin: pt 1. 1

(Ed. Note: I am no longer involved in this project. I wish it and Clipp the best.)

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Breathe, breathe. I must not forget to breathe.
My kind lives in the water, but we can’t stay underneath,
For we are mammals, like monkeys, dogs and you.
We are not fish, with gills, where water just runs through.
This is my world, my home below the waves.
I know nothing of your land, your streets or caves.
The sea, although so mysterious to your kind,
Is what shapes, stimulates, and nurtures my mind.
Just like you, we live our lives with our siblings and mothers,
Touching, playing, eating, and defending against what bothers.
But also just like you, I have fears and worries that make me sad.
In fact, I have a secret to tell, one I hope won’t make you mad.
But before I do, I must breathe. I must not forget to breathe.


to be continued…

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